Swimming pool leak detections in Málaga

Piscicosta: leak detection specialists

Piscicosta works using this methodology in order to detect swimming pool leaks:

First of all, make a visual inspection of the pool and its surroundings in order to appreciate if there is any area of moisture, uneven ground as a result of subsidence, air bubbles in the pump prefilter.


Pressure test in pipes.

As a preliminary step to the use of the following systems, we proceed to plug hermetically by means of special inflatable rubber plugs, both the impulsion and bottom pipes, skimmers and cleaners. Then we put pressure on them and observe if there is any loss of pressure, which would be indicative of leakage in the corresponding pipe.

In case of having detected in the pressure test the existence of leaks in pipes, our technicians use the latest technology in the detection of leaks in order to accurately locate the exact location of the problem. For this we use the following systems:


Inspection of water leaks using geophone equipment.

When a leak in a pressurized water pipeline originates, the water flows out at high speed to the surrounding land, which causes the pipe material to vibrate at the exit point. This vibration, or sound, is transmitted through the tube. This sound can be heard with the geophone equipment.



Inspection of water leaks by Tracer Gas.

This procedure consists in the application by tracer gas through the pipes possibly affected, with this system we inject a very light commercial gas that goes to the surface crossing all types of layers and capturing it with a calibrated detector to the injected gas, checking or locating in this way the approximate point of the leak that causes the loss of water.

The tracer gas consists of 5% hydrogen gas and 95% nitrogen gas at 5 atmospheres. This gas mixture is not flammable according to ISO 10156, and is not toxic or corrosive, nor dangerous to the environment.


Inspection by diver diving.

In the case that there is no leakage due to pipes, we proceed to an examination by means of the dive of a diver to check if there is any fissure or crack in the vessel. In this immersion we first check the sealing of all joints of pipes and plastic parts with the concrete. That is to say, sealed, of impulsions, skimmers, pool cleaners, bottom sump and spotlights.